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Defining Proficiency in the Arts


This draft document was created from an Arts Learning Network pilot project with arts educators and administrators in three districts. Since the arts are one of six core subject areas in Rhode Island, they are an important part of the new RI teacher evaluation system. However, as we know, the arts are often lacking in time and resources compared to other core subject areas. Therefore, the central question for the pilot was "What makes for fair and effective arts educator evaluation?"

This is the draft document resulting from the arts teacher evaluation pilot and it needs your feedback. Feedback is being collected until June 15th, 2013 for the RI Arts Learning Network by Network partner VSAarts Rhode Island.

Arts Educator Evaluation Draft Document
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Please e-mail your feedback WITH THE SUBJECT LINE: Arts Teacher Evaluation to:

All feedback will be reviewed with the RI Department of Education.

GUIDANCE FOR FEEDBACK FORMAT (answer only those relevant to you):

1) What was most useful?
2) What was least useful?
3) What questions do you still have about arts teacher evaluation?
4) What else needs to be in the document?
5) Can you provide material or suggestions that may help others?
6) Anything else?